Thursday, October 25, 2012

             Image and text copyright by Linda Hope Lee
     Autumn is a favorite season of mine. I especially enjoy watching the leaves turn their beautiful colors. On my daily walk, I look for leaves to collect to use for art projects such as the one pictured here. 

    What make autumn special for you? Maybe that's when you're busy planning your annual Halloween party. Or cleaning out the garden and preparing it for winter. Or taking a car trip to view the fall colors. 
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Beckey said...

Thanks for sharing the post

Happy Halloween


Robena Grant said...

Lovely poem. Thank you. This TWRP blog hop is fun. : )

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

Don't you just love fall and Halloween!

Loved the poem.

Joy Keeney said...

Happy Halloween!!


Mackenzie Crowne said...

Nice post, Linda.

I just love the cooling weather. Here in Arizona the fall is spectacular, like a relieved sigh from mother nature as the searing heat of summer fades away.


Jean MP said...

Great post. I love seeing all the fall colors and the cooler temps.
skpetal at hotmail dot com

Christine Elaine Black said...

I like your art work. One year we collected many leaves and pressed them in between book pages. We bought one of those screens with panels like photo frames and each frame (15) has a beautiful leaf arrangement displayed on it. It looks as pretty as the day it was done, which has to be about eight or ten years ago.
Fall leaves are so beautiful. Great post, Linda.

Linda Hope Lee said...

Sounds like a lovely idea. I will file it away for the future. Thanks for sharing.

Your words are very poetic. Thank you!